Letter to Karl Marx on the bi-centenary of his birth

Happy birthday, the workers hero
The one the capitalists fear, so
Here's a letter from a socialist fan
Who waves the flag whenever she can
Because capitalism continues to fail
The proletariat and inequality prevails.

You said it would not be simple
To take control without a struggle.
But you must turn in your grave
When recession hits hard and they're
Sold off the gas, water and oil.
It's enough to make my red blood boil.

Zero hour contracts and the food bank.
A legacy from the tories, who we thank
For widening the gap 'tween rich and poor,
Something you predicted 160 years before.
Living labour. you said, fed the system
That kept workers poor and in serfdom.

So listen up, you'll be pleased to hear
Machines replace jobs, but do not fear
For as the labourers are no longer able
To spend,
So these inventions make capitalism unstable.

So Karl, Marxism is your legacy
And with it the death of democracy
Cos there's one flaw in your philosophy
Humans have an instinct for rivalry.

Take the game of Monopoly where the greedy
Win power over the poor and needy.
Thus even in a communist state
Leaders emerge corrupt, and dictate.

Remember Russia under the Tsar's thumb
Ripe for revolution and so become
A place where workers took control
But, the replacement is Lenin, a man with no soul.

Despite it all there is a desire
To find a new way to live and acquire
Fairness, equality and a voice
To speak out for those who have no choice.

So happy birthday, and don't despair
Cos there's plenty of folk who hope and care
That the socialist principles you reveal
Will one day soon, have popular appeal.
I'm you're comrade, have no fear,
I'll keep the red flag flying here!

Published by poetdoesarun

I started running 16 years ago to help manage anxiety and depression and found the endorphins helped me in another way...to write my sermons for Sunday.... and then inspiration came for poetry. A Christmas present 2017 was a book by Jo Bell, challenging the reader to write a poem a week for a year. This blog showcases these and other poems composed on the run.

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