I am, who I am

The NN8 Writers Group was given the task of writing about our name. What follows is the first in a series on the theme.

reading a poem at my parents diamond wedding anniversary
At school I was Carrot or Ginge
But that's not me anymore.
For years my surname was Knight
But I traded it for a mum-in-law.
Some shorten my name to Val
But they're only friends for a while.
My name can be sung, Val-der-ree
Or belted Amy Whitehouse style.
To a favoured few I'm Grandma
Never Gran, Nanny or Nan.
But to Him who knows me,
Really knows me,
And yet still loves me,
I am, who I am.


Published by poetdoesarun

I started running 16 years ago to help manage anxiety and depression and found the endorphins helped me in another way...to write my sermons for Sunday.... and then inspiration came for poetry. A Christmas present 2017 was a book by Jo Bell, challenging the reader to write a poem a week for a year. This blog showcases these and other poems composed on the run.

2 thoughts on “I am, who I am

  1. Love it! Love the way you write your poems, they always give an emotion. This one made me smile. You are great as you are 🙂


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