Van Gogh in Leicester

Immersed in colour
Swimming in light
She sat,
Surrounded by lilies 
and towering sunflowers....

She sat on the nearest chair in the pew emptied nave that was filled with light. She sat transfixed as the wall, floor and air danced with colour. First the blues and purples of lilies which faded to browns and the yellow, bright yellow of the sunflower. Her eyes followed the movement of swirling mustards, vivid and tinged yellows as they covered the walls with the flowers love by the artist. Her feet on the stone floor were dappled by the blues and greens of the River Seine as it flowed past the village where lamps reflected on the water, brilliant strips of light, while the stars in the sky were pin pricks of white.

As she sat mesmerized, the mood changed and the colour darkened. Rain fell in drops of white light onto the church floor and rippling outwards to touch her feet. On the walls, Van Gogh’s face, his many self portraits were washed away, remade, and washed away again, as the water rose and swirled as though stirred vigorously by an unseen hand.

He was drowning in colour
Overwhelmed by darkness.

About the exhibition


Published by poetdoesarun

I started running 16 years ago to help manage anxiety and depression and found the endorphins helped me in another write my sermons for Sunday.... and then inspiration came for poetry. A Christmas present 2017 was a book by Jo Bell, challenging the reader to write a poem a week for a year. This blog showcases these and other poems composed on the run.

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