Double vision

Enjoying the summer weather Let’s all come together We’ll marvel at seed germination With grit and determination. Refilling the dry birdbath We’re walking a critical path We’ll get a bumper crop As we’ve pulled out all the stops. Having picked out the weak We are now past the peak


The Longest Day

Early on the longest day, we run past Waist high green wheat and yellow barley, While lambs to slaughter, gone, and Wild grasses, mowed and baled. A skylark’s song and sparrowhawk’s cry The only sounds in the early morning heat. Peacock, Red Admiral and Gate-keeper, Iridescent mayfly and black winged dragonfly Arise and dance aheadContinue reading “The Longest Day”

Spring in the valley

Creation called me to worship this fine April morning with the clouds scudding And the sky patched and sun-spotted. This valley still surprises me and lifts my soul; For the blackthorn is white with fine blossom And the black-legged, black-eared ewes, long suffering and nervous, As my two mutts mooch then tug on their leads.Continue reading “Spring in the valley”

Scratching the Surface

Beneath the soles of trainers and boots, Under the rubber tyres and padded paws, The sand and gravel, stone and dust Is pressed and beaten, levelled flat. A walker’s highway, a circuit for runners Where the beeps of fitbits join the mix Of blue tits and warblers and LBJs, And a returning cuckoo announces Spring.Continue reading “Scratching the Surface”