I am, who I am

The NN8 Writers Group was given the task of writing about our name. What follows is the first in a series on the theme. At school I was Carrot or Ginge But that’s not me anymore. For years my surname was Knight But I traded it for a mum-in-law. Some shorten my name to ValContinue reading “I am, who I am”


Autumn Thanks

Two songs keep digging into my consciousness like ear-worms, reminding me that despite the pandemic, climate change and the uncertain future, Autumn comes around with comforting regularity. The signs of Autumn may be delayed by Indian summers, and in the long term the seasons may merge, but nature is awesome in its ability to adaptContinue reading “Autumn Thanks”

Foundations remain firm as the ground shifts.

The ground has shifted and what I thought was firm and solid has turned to sand. Trust in the news, the government and in the experts has been washed away and what is left is uncertainty and fear. When the ground shifted, I was jolted and the confidence in who I am, was picked off,Continue reading “Foundations remain firm as the ground shifts.”