Reading the Stars

Oh what cruel irony that star gazer wroughtWhen tracing lines with his eye and caughtThat side way scuttling creature of the seaAnd a homemaker of the sandy shore.Born under those stars, astrologers agreeMeans family first and bonds restore.If then a nurturer and intuitively blessed,How cruel to name this star pattern thus.A fearful name, one thatContinue reading “Reading the Stars”


Everything Changed

Into the waterwarm as bloodshe stepped,she lay,she crouchedon hands and knees.Belly full and tightstretched around the life within. This precious lifecreated from love.A piece of hersoon to beapart from her. Deep breaths,muffled groans,bearing down,a cloud of goreand Everything changedat her nativity.The cord that bound,sinewy and blue,throbbed with life.Emerging,lungs inflating,oxygen circulating. She breathed out a cryof separation,ofContinue reading “Everything Changed”

High Street Pantoum

Wellingborough High StreetIs a cultural hotch-potWhere west and east meetIn a plethora of small shops. First in the pot, the take awayIndian bargees and vindaloo.A glut of shops shut in the dayOpening later for the nightclub queue. Hot Indian curries and shish kebabRub shoulders with a sleek nail bar.The night club windows looking drabNext toContinue reading “High Street Pantoum”

Swimming not drowning.

Confidently I pull on my suitThat tucks in my tumSmooths the linesWhile holding up my bum.This time I won’t be beatBy fears of drowning.I’ll swim the lengthSmiling not frowning. Into the water I step,Down the ladder and stand.Then my confidence seeps, til,I clutch the side with a shaking hand.I submerge my shoulders, not my hairAndContinue reading “Swimming not drowning.”