I’m laying still with my jaw clenched tight,
Fear gripping my legs so I cannot move,
While through the curtains the sun shines bright.
Chinese coronavirus 2019-nCov under the microscope. 3d illustration
This nightmare will end and I'll be alright
But a viral thought worms its way through,
So I lay still with my jaw clenched tight.
Fear gnawing reason...I've passed the blight
Til no one is left to grieve or blame
And through the curtains the sun shines bright.
A diary that's full, now appears trite.
The day ahead lies blank and unformed
So still I lay with my jaw clenched tight.
Fear forces my mind to The Infinite
Revolving thoughts stop and limbs relax
Because the sun through the curtains, shines bright.
The Earth eases and nature sighs,
Apple trees bud and birds own the skies.
I'm laying still and my jaw's not tight
For beyond the curtains, the sun shines bright.


Two Colours

Blue and green should never be seen, together
In the bruised face, punched-swollen,
In the crusty scab and oozing puss from a night-time brawl,
In the purple lips and sticky phlegm of death.

But Nature's palette seen, together
In the flash of the kingfisher skimming the river bank,
In the darting mayfly and green hair-streak,
In the meadow grass and everchanging sky,
In the merging hues of the rainbow's arc,
Is divine.

Margaret Thatcher

She was the honourable Margaret to the right,
But to the left, as Margaret Thatcher
Vilified and infamously renowned for
Being the primary school milk snatcher.
A humble grocer's daughter from Grantham
A tory in thought, words and deeds.
Rising through the ranks to become
Prime Minister with a strict capitalist creed.
For eleven years, this Iron Lady
Gagged the unions and trampled the poor,
Sold off the utilities, making shareholders rich,
Announcing "Society is no more."
The lady would not turn, so a bloody coup
Turfed her out and now thirty years on
Her legacy is still felt by the homeless needy
Cos the council houses were sold and the profits gone.

Society will exist as long as someone cares
About justice and peace, parity for all.
She may be sainted by those on the right,
But socialists cheer her downfall.

Small and Powerful

If you think you're too small to make a difference
You haven't spent the night with a mosquito;

Not the mossies that irritate and bite
Leaving swollen red spots in unlikely places

But their tropical blood sucking cousins
That arise from swamp and stagnant pools.

Not the mossies famed in the Scottish Isles
Arising in clouds and hovering above heads

But their nasty relatives arrive at night
To wheedle their way in carrying a gift.

Our soft pampered skins touched by a mossy
May itch and swell for a day.

But a nip in the tropics can signal death
To the child asleep and uncovered.

Letter to Karl Marx on the bi-centenary of his birth

Happy birthday, the workers hero
The one the capitalists fear, so
Here's a letter from a socialist fan
Who waves the flag whenever she can
Because capitalism continues to fail
The proletariat and inequality prevails.

You said it would not be simple
To take control without a struggle.
But you must turn in your grave
When recession hits hard and they're
Sold off the gas, water and oil.
It's enough to make my red blood boil.

Zero hour contracts and the food bank.
A legacy from the tories, who we thank
For widening the gap 'tween rich and poor,
Something you predicted 160 years before.
Living labour. you said, fed the system
That kept workers poor and in serfdom.

So listen up, you'll be pleased to hear
Machines replace jobs, but do not fear
For as the labourers are no longer able
To spend,
So these inventions make capitalism unstable.

So Karl, Marxism is your legacy
And with it the death of democracy
Cos there's one flaw in your philosophy
Humans have an instinct for rivalry.

Take the game of Monopoly where the greedy
Win power over the poor and needy.
Thus even in a communist state
Leaders emerge corrupt, and dictate.

Remember Russia under the Tsar's thumb
Ripe for revolution and so become
A place where workers took control
But, the replacement is Lenin, a man with no soul.

Despite it all there is a desire
To find a new way to live and acquire
Fairness, equality and a voice
To speak out for those who have no choice.

So happy birthday, and don't despair
Cos there's plenty of folk who hope and care
That the socialist principles you reveal
Will one day soon, have popular appeal.
I'm you're comrade, have no fear,
I'll keep the red flag flying here!

The First Time

I peered through the belfry trap door
My eyes met his eyes, across the floor.
In a whirlwind year
The future was clear
And we promised to love ever more.

Thirty years on....

I peer through the conservatory door
I see him with grey hair galore.
Despite his hard views
On the current world news,
It's him I still love and adore.


She slumped in the chair

ran hands through her hair

rubbed tired eyes

and breathed out a few sighs.

Then came the names

of the kids whose games

drove her mad

and made her glad

the school day was over.

Oliver with his irritating grin

determined each fight to win.

Jordace with a face of thunder

throwing chairs and tables asunder.

Courtney who couldn’t sit still

until she swallowed her magic pill.

Ellis and Ryan’s two,

Michael, David, to name a few.

Those names for ever

tainted and so never

chosen for any child in my family.


In the town, the cock don't crow
With comb erect, the randy so and so.
There ain't no hens who run for cover
From the strutting, beady eyed, insistent bugger.

The bird that greets the dawn in town
Sings from the top of the chimney's crown.
"Look at me, look at me," it loudly brags,
And another joins in for a right chin wag.

"The sun's up, wake up, get up," it sings
To his dowdy partner who silently brings
Worms for the little 'uns in the hedge
While dad can't wait for them to fledge. 


Starting as a laugh
Nonsense replaced correct words -
"Open the carrot!"

She lost her car keys,
Then glove, scarf and knowing smile.
Her sparkle dimmed.

A well-worn door key,
Familiar and yet baffling,
Lay in her hand.

She started to speak,
Confident and sure until,
A word hovered ….. out of reach.

She saw him approach,
Wide smile, arm embraced but,
His name evaded her.

Brake lights brightly lit.
Left, right, she looked perplexed as
The way home vanished.

A gradual decline
As language disintegrates,
No past or future.

Only this moment ...
then this too... 



"Come to me," the teacher said
To the woman at the well.
"Then your thirst will be quenched, 
Your hunger cease.
Heaven is yours, fear not hell.
Water turns the desert a green hue
Brings new life and makes all things new."
"Long life and good health," the master said
To the Buddhists in Japan,
"Comes from drinking matcha, green and hot,
Then ponder zen like, if you can
The mysteries of human existence
of ying and yang in perfect balance.
In India a visitor is offered
Chai, spicy, milky and steaming.
A welcoming drink that comforts and calms
Conjuring exotic daydreaming.
Chai expresses the Hindu belief
Of sharing, karma and to the needy, relief.
In Britain the national brew
Was tea, strong, hot and sweet.
An afternoon treat of sarnies and scones,
The teapot made the table complete.
A cup of tea, a humble beverage
That cured shock and imbued courage.
Now tea comes in many guises,
Decaf, iced and herbal infusions.
The teapot's redundant, the ceremony gone
As the teabag is dunked with no precision.
The art of the latte and cappuccino perfected
And we become coffee addicted.