Based on Gerard Manley Hopkins poem – Pied Beauty

Glory be to God for small things,
Peanut butter spread thick and taking a bite;
For furry friends that pull on a three mile run;
Awake at dawn as the blackbird sings;
For the white feathered egret lifting off in flight;
Awaiting the first smile from a tiny one.
For guffaws of laughter following a joke;
For silence and stillness when all is done.
Trust in his goodness, his sustaining grace
Then praise him for big things of which he spoke.
Hope, faith and joy; peace and love embrace;
Praise Him.

Published by poetdoesarun

I started running 16 years ago to help manage anxiety and depression and found the endorphins helped me in another write my sermons for Sunday.... and then inspiration came for poetry. A Christmas present 2017 was a book by Jo Bell, challenging the reader to write a poem a week for a year. This blog showcases these and other poems composed on the run.

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